Det var ju Europas största hamn efter Hamburg.

#14: Jazz of the day pt. 3

Posted in Jazz of the day by FREE AKTION on March 11, 2009


Weather Report – “American Tango” (listen/download)

I am not too familiar with the Weather Report but this is such a beautiful song. Today I listened to it at a gas station.


#13: Unveiling and veiling

Posted in Action by FREE AKTION on March 1, 2009


Hey lovers. From this point on we will be moving beyond the clues and onto the actual ‘production stage’. The updates haven’t been very frequent lately, but the project has been going well so far. So look forward to more action within the next few weeks.

Do you have something to say regarding the song “Lover man”? Have you played it before? Do you know someone that plays it in a beautiful manner? Have you ever listened to the song?

If so, write me at viktorsjoberg AT and tell me all about it.