Det var ju Europas största hamn efter Hamburg.

#14: Jazz of the day pt. 3

Posted in Jazz of the day by FREE AKTION on March 11, 2009


Weather Report – “American Tango” (listen/download)

I am not too familiar with the Weather Report but this is such a beautiful song. Today I listened to it at a gas station.


#9: Jazz of the day pt. 2

Posted in Jazz of the day by FREE AKTION on January 22, 2009


I would like to see some reactions from my readers on the jazz of the day. My selection du jour is “Spain” by Chic Corea and Return to Forever. This also came on randomly yesterday and although I love both the bird album and the feather album, they are generally best enjoyed in their entirety. So to hear this one on its own yesterday was similar to the Pharoah Sanders thing yesterday. Maybe I was just all hyped to get some fresh air and I was into anything.

Return to Forever – “Spain”

Who hates this and who loves it?

To get you started, here’s the reaction the song is getting in my kitchen right now:

It’s like the adventures of the caterpillar. It’s going where it needs to go, and then all of a sudden…life starts to slow down.

Please listen and elaborate in the box below!

#8: Jazz of the day pt. 1

Posted in Jazz of the day by FREE AKTION on January 21, 2009


The first installment of a hopefully ongoing series was inspired by an experience I had earlier today. I put on my headphones and went to get some paper at the paperstore and as I got off the tram a new song shuffled on through on the portable music player. It was one of those things where you hear something that is slightly familiar but it just sounds so fresh and bright.

I was listening to the opening cut off the Pharoah Sanders 1972 album “Wisdom Through Music”. It’s called “High life”.

Pharoah Sanders – “High life”

I would love for this album to sound like this but I’m afraid it won’t. But the SOUND of this recording. I’ve never heard any ambient music that floats the way this song floats. It elevates and then it situates itself, gently hovering.

I love this music.